Why is graphene floor heating a hoax?

2020-07-16 16:49

Floor heating is very popular recently, even some southern regions have begun to install floor heating, let alone the north, but have you heard of graphene floor heating? Why is graphene floor heating a hoax? Below specific we follow credit home small make up to understand together.

First, why do you regret installing graphene floor heating?

A friend of mine also had graphene floor heating installed, and after a while he told me that he regretted it. Why? There are mainly the following reasons:

1. The same far-infrared heating, but the heat cannot achieve uniform graphene heating and heating. The most important feature is the far-infrared heating which has been propagated all the time, which is the same physiotherapy heating method as the sun.

The non-graphene material, which also has carbon atoms in it, also emits far infrared light when it is heated by electricity. If there is any difference between this far infrared light and the far infrared light of graphene, it has to be explained by temporary uniformity and non-uniformity.

2. A 30-year warranty may be just a cover

The real graphene heating material, which has such an authoritative verification, was tested by the National Electrical Laboratory, which detected that it could achieve zero power attenuation for 30,000 hours by simulating normal voltage operation in high-voltage areas.

Other false materials can't overcome the technology of carbon atom arrangement by themselves, so once it is used to simulate the normal working environment at high pressure, the final result can only be: the carbon atoms fall off quickly, resulting in a large area of power attenuation and no light consumption and heating.

So, the quality that such a kind of misdirect propaganda assures 30 years, quality assures 50 years, let a lot of common people suffer its harm deeply, after installing 2-3 years, cannot be used completely can pry floor only.

2. Why is graphene floor heating a hoax?

First, many merchants, follow, stunt advertising their products with new products, and graphene business, stronger driving the development of their products, such as: carbon fiber heating floor, floor heating cable floor heating, water, through the concept of graphene to promote themselves, there are many false on market has caused the graphene floor heating. Nothing is worth it!

Secondly, the use of cheap to attract consumers, generally speaking, graphene floor heating is very expensive, dozens of yuan per square can not be bought, unless carbon fiber or water floor heating! Graphene is rare. One gram of graphene is the size of a school football field! So no matter which industry graphene is used in, the price is not cheap.

Conclusion: Above, we have a general understanding of the regret about the installation of graphene floor heating and why it is said that graphene floor heating is a fraud. I hope it can help you understand this material, which is also a knowledge reserve for our own decoration in the future.

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