Air energy two-in-one floor heating system

2020-07-07 16:46

In the past two years, an air conditioning system with floor heating has appeared on the market. This air-conditioning system, called a water dispenser, USES water for heat exchange. This is the heat pump water heater, also known as the "air energy" system.

Air energy is actually a heat pump technology, which is how our refrigerator compressors work in every home. Using compressors to produce hot water has been around for decades. This way of producing hot water, because it is electric, is also used in the heating field in the process of electric energy substitution.

According to the theory of "air energy", the air energy system USES the Cartesian cycle, which says that it can produce four parts of heat from three parts of the air in one electric charge. Such a statement, attracted a lot of people. It also makes the society have a great expectation to it.

The Carnot cycle is based on liquid phase transformation of refrigeration. In Zone B, the refrigerating liquid is vaporized, absorbing a large amount of heat and quenching the environment. After being compressed into A liquid in zone A, A great deal of heat is given off. Hot water is produced by heat exchange. The heat emitted in zone A is absorbed in zone B. But there's a mechanical energy involved, and that mechanical energy is converted by electricity.

As can be seen from the figure, in this closed environment, each evaporation of liquid will absorb a large amount of heat in Zone B. During the cycling process, the heat in this space will become less and less, so when using low temperature, electricity is often needed to directly heat it to work. When cold air conditioners are used in summer, a lot of hot water is produced. In the spring and autumn, more hot water is produced in Zone B because of its higher temperature.

Therefore, in the practical application of cold winter, the heating pump type floor heating is not only not found to have outstanding energy-saving effect, but also produces a lot of problems.

In order to solve the problem that the temperature of the low pressure exchange area is falling, people have come up with many ways. For example, use ground source heat pumps, or water source heat pumps. It is to use the heat source of the environment to solve the problem of temperature drop in the working area of the heat pump heating device.

Air source heat pump water heater is the main drawback, is bulky, its dependence on the external environment temperature is too large. Air compressor in high temperature and high pressure working condition, frequent switching, easy to make the compressor aging, carbonization, coupled with poor system lubrication effect, leading to the compressor is easy to be burned out. The main engine of the air source heat pump will start 43~68 dB noise at work, in the quiet night will feel more harsh.

The heating practice in the north proves that the popularization of air can not achieve the desired effect. In order to supplement the temperature of the heating area, electric heating is used to make it work continuously. Using such a complex external mechanical system as a heat source is also not cost-effective from a depreciation point of view.

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