More than 70 percent of American homes use electric heating

2020-06-23 16:45

Water heating regret died, developed areas electric heating has reached more than 50%.

Because the water heating late maintenance, as well as the pipeline every two years or so need to clean, so often listen to friends around said - "water heating regret died". In fact, since 1930, the United States and Europe and other developed countries have begun to promote the use of floor heating. The penetration rate of floor heating in developed areas has reached more than 70%. The use of electric floor heating has reached more than 50%.

Why do families feel that they have died of regret? Here compares the electric floor heating to make a summary simply for everybody.

1. Gas is used for energy consumption of floor heating and water. Gas is a non-renewable energy source.

2. Compared with electric floor heating and water and electricity heating, installation and decoration of houses have a greater impact, mainly affecting the net height of houses, floor perforation and secondary decoration. The floor height of the house is higher than that of the electric floor heating due to the installation of water floor heating. After the installation of water floor heating, the waterproof and closed water detection shall be carried out if the second decoration is carried out.

3. Compared with electric floor heating, water floor heating is slower. It usually takes more than 12 hours to reach the set temperature. And it is difficult to adopt intelligent energy-saving control.

4. Compared with electric floor heating, water floor heating needs to be cleaned regularly. In addition, the water floor heating fault maintenance is more difficult and the cost is relatively expensive. If it leaks. Maintenance will require the removal of all existing floors and tiles. It's a little scary to think about!

In fact, through continuous technological improvement, electric floor heating has become the globally recognized heating method with the best heating effect, high safety and reliability, and convenient use and maintenance. Below specific, electric floor heating characteristics.

1. Electric floor heating electric energy heating, electricity is clean energy. No need for external equipment, no need for device space.

2. Compared with water floor heating, electric floor heating can be heated quickly, and intelligent constant temperature and partition control can be realized. How much to open, precise consumption of energy.

3. Compared with water floor heating, electric floor heating occupies less floor height and has less influence on the net height and decoration of the room.

4. In addition, the installation of electric floor heating does not require regular cleaning of pipelines, and there is no need for follow-up maintenance.

In addition, electric floor heating has a certain role in health care. Chinese medicine says, "Hot from the head, cold from the foot into". The use of electric floor heating is especially effective for arthritis, old patients with cold legs. The far infrared effect of electric heating source has a good conditioning effect on the physiological function of human body.

See here, I believe you have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of water heating and electric heating. I hope it can help you survive a warm winter.

Energy storage electric floor heating, is the leader of electric floor heating, in the cold winter, can bring you relaxed and comfortable warm experience.

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