Introduction: The heating source is between the surface layer and the energy storage plate. After electrification, the heat is transferred upward to the ground, and the rest of the heat is transferred to the energy storage layer, so that the ground temperature will not be too hot and can achieve rapid heat; When the power is off, the energy storage plate continues to release heat, so that the floor heating system heating balance, that is to reduce energy consumption and more comfortable. With the energy storage plate to absorb heat, the surface temperature of the source of heat will not be too high, so it is not easy to aging; The flame-retardant energy storage board avoids direct contact between the heating source and the flammable insulation board, and there is no power connection below the ground, thus ensuring safety. Energy storage plate absorbs a large amount of waste heat, so that the temperature of the insulation board is not very high, effectively blocking the heat transfer to the floor, greatly reducing the operating costs.
The basic reason for its aging is that the heating source keeps heating up and the heat can not be effectively distributed. The structure and performance of the floor heating of energy storage fundamentally solve the aging problem of the heating source of rapid thermoelectric floor heating.
Features: According to the use of high quality, safe and reliable high-tech materials heating source, through its own unique energy-saving structure to reflect the system attributes of the product.
1. Quick installation without backfilling: the energy storage plate of handao energy storage electric floor heating, 1.5m long, 0.6m wide and 1.5cm thick, is laid on the construction site in the form of modularization, and then the source of heat is placed, which saves labor and time. 2. Quick heat switch mode: due to the high thermal conductivity of the integrated plate attached to the heating source, the electrified heat of the electric floor heating can be quickly transmitted to the ground material, and the time to reach the set temperature is relatively short. Accordingly, can switch floor heating according to actual situation. 3. Global remote mobile phone app control: through the mobile phone remote control of floor heating thermostat, set the working mode of floor heating, adjust the temperature of each room in the home, or constant temperature mode, or smart mode, or vacation mode. I decide to go back to room temperature. Find abnormal, but also timely alarm. 4. Safety, reliability, environmental protection and durability:
● highly flame retardant material, when the temperature is too high, there are water molecules in the module, play a flame retardant role. ● the use of a line layout, no underground power connection, no leakage, short circuit possibility. ● floor heating system continuously work for four hours, the system automatically power off for 20 minutes, effectively avoid the temperature continued to rise. ● high quality heating source, to ensure decades of service life.
Convenient installation, Save Time and Space One - line type, easy to install. Modular construction, simple and convenient. In addition, the thickness of energy storage electric floor heating in handao is 1.5cm, and the heating source is embedded in the energy storage plate, which does not take up space and does not need to be backfilled with other materials.
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