Omunuo's research and development of hot flame retardant dry electric heating mainly consists of: bulk density of more than 30kg, heat preservation gusset plate formed by a press mold and heat conduction plate formed by press mold. Insulation board is divided into XPS return board and line board. Ohlenow special heating cable can be easily laid on the system. System can be different according to the room, free cutting, cable can be laid freely, especially suitable for the old house and refined decoration of the house heating transformation. Customers can choose according to their own needs, the price is more preferential.
The principle of happy heat type electric floor heating and traditional floor heating are the same, it is to radiate heat to the room after heating the ground, in order to achieve the purpose of heating. The yither-type electric floor heating system, due to different thermal conduction and heat dissipation principles, can heat up the main road in just 15 minutes, only 1/5 of the heating time of the traditional electric floor heating.
System features: 1. Environmental protection and energy saving: about 10% energy saving compared with traditional heating products. All raw materials are made of environmental protection and energy saving products. 2. Simple and easy to maintain: the design is simple and easy to install. Does not occupy the height, does not increase the load. Convenient maintenance and transformation. 3. Reliable quality: corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and salt, high pressure, high temperature, penetration resistance, no rust, no formation of pipe scaling, smooth pipe connection, low friction. 4. Even heat dissipation: evenly distributed on the ground, using the characteristics of human body temperature, small air flow. 5. Clean and healthy: there is no dust in the room, and it can promote the blood balance of human body, prevent arthritis, old cold legs, and improve the ability of autoimmunity. 6. Long life: 3-5 years longer than the life of ordinary floor heating module. 7. Reasonable structure design: it is composed of straight groove and curved groove modules to realize the unitary dry method module and greatly improve the installation efficiency. 8. Energy saving: inverted q-shaped groove, heating cable is automatically fixed in the groove. Since the aluminum plate is directly fixed above the heat insulation plate, the heat conduction speed is greatly accelerated, thus saving energy consumption.
Heating Structure:
Construction Demonstration:
1. Including the floor of about 1cm, raise the ground by nearly 3cm, especially suitable for heating areas with limited ground height.
2. Namely open namely hot, overcome the defect that traditional floor heating heats up slowly, cannot close completely, save energy 30%-40% than traditional floor heating system, use in the bedroom can save energy 60% above.
3. Detachable and reusable, especially convenient for heating temporary sites.
4. There is no need to lay cement layer on the system, so the construction is convenient and the construction site is clean.
5. Eubnuoyi hot flame retardant dry heating system is suitable for heating the whole, wall heating, especially for old houses and refined decoration of the house heating transformation.
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